Intermissionary Program

The power of Intermissionary doesn't reside with us. Nor is it really with you.
The magic is in the alliance between us, plus the presence of the Holy Spirit.  
So we plan things; smart things, cool things, using amazing resources.
Then we hold them up to the Lord and let him decide.

Here's what we'll cover during your retreat week...Probably. 


Saturday - Joy

Look at this place! The Apostle Paul told the Romans that God's eternal power and divinity were made visible to human beings through the things He created - like the French Alps! Feel your breath slow, your shoulders drop. You have nowhere to be but here for the next seven days. 

Themes: Creation. Goodbyes. Life in Paradox. 

Chamonix Summer 2.jpg

Sunday - Rest

Keeping holy the Sabbath is one of the Big Ten, yet we skip it all the time. As a full one-seventh of our time, we take Sabbath seriously. Do whatever you like today. Sleep. Walk. Breathe. Reconnect with the one who loves you most. Tonight, it's dinner and a movie. 

Themes: New strategy for loving Sabbath.  

Chamonix Summer 3.jpg

Monday - Forgiveness

Jesus said if you show up at the altar holding something against your brother, duck out and deal with it first. Forgiving other people and ourselves is a daily and lifelong endeavor. Let's see what it feels like to let some people, maybe even ourselves, off the hook today. 

Themes: Vulnerability. Shame. Anger. What's finished or not? Expectations.

chamonix summer 4.jpg

Tuesday - Grief

Jesus' friends were devastated after his crucifixion, so they went fishing and caught nothing. Nice. Then a stranger showed up and gave them a few instructions.  They caught a ton of fish and ate breakfast together. One of them had his identity restored.  If our Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, what instructions might he give you as your grieve your very real losses?

Themes: Grief. Disparity. Brokenness. Poverty. Hope. Community. Prayer. 


Wednesday - Fear

Managing fear is a waste of your time and freedom. Keeping your fears locked up in a dark closet, is the perfect way for the enemy to use them against you. The darkness cannot comprehend the light, so let's shine some light together, in safe and gentle ways.  

Themes: Wildnerness. Freedom. Solidarity. Community. Prayer. 


Thursday - Identity

We unwittingly accept definitions of ourselves all the time. Why not choose to accept only those definitions supplied by the Lord Jesus? Do you know what they are? Can you rattle them off, in the first person, when your gremlins are up in your face, shouting? This is war and the ready knowledge of who you are in Christ, is your arsenal. 

Themes: If I'm not this, who am I? What am I here for? Purpose. Visioning. 

chamonix summer 9.jpg

Friday - Vision & Gratitude

The Lord had Joshua set up altars made of stones so the Israelites wouldn't forget the Lord's faithfulness to them. Looking forward to the things you dream of begins by looking back and setting up altars to his faithfulness. It's one of many steps in processing who you have become and what you might do with the gifts you have been given. 

Themes: Gratitude. Discouragement. Mission. Vision. Dreaming. Perseverance.