Confidentiality at Intermissionary

At Girl Catch Fire, we believe being able to trust your environment and the people in it, is a critical first step for speaking honestly about where you've been and where you're going.

To that end, we as your staff commit to keeping your confidence by not sharing with anybody what you tell us, without your permission, and we ask that you do the same with one another.

Specifically, that means, yes, please talk about Intermissionary and what it meant to you, but please don't share what anybody said there, without that person's permission. It also means respecting people's willingness to be honest and vulnerable within the group.

We know we might not agree on everything, but...


Can we agree that listening and discretion

are acts of love?


Also, if you have an issue that you'd prefer not to share with the group, one that might be better aired one on one, you will have the opportunity to do that privately. Again, what you say is confidential. 

We should also be clear that Intermissionary is not designed to be a therapeutic environment, and no licensed therapist will be present. Should you need one, we are happy to refer you.

Of course the legal team behind Girl Catch Fire LLC would want you to know that if you mention you plan to hurt yourself, someone else or you are plotting a crime, we will say something to the appropriate people, which will most certainly include you. Fair enough?

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.