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1. Girl Catch Fire grants only partial scholarships from the Intermissionary Scholarship Fund. Up to 2/3 of the registration fee may be sponsored by GCF. If you are granted a scholarship you are responsible for 1/3 of the registration fee and your travel expenses. The fund won’t pay for either of those things. 2. Donors to the IM Scholarship fund, are giving to the fund, not a particular person. Unrestricted funds allow us to distribute the funds as effectively as possible, spreading them across multiple participants. An Intermissionary Scholarship may be less than 2/3 of the registration cost according to available resources. The participants may accept or decline it based on their ability to cover the difference. 3. Should a donor want to dedicate their funds to a particular person, we recommend they write a check to that person directly, so that the Intermissionary Scholarship Funds remain unrestricted. 4. Girl Catch Fire is a for-profit corporation, so no donation to the scholarship fund will be tax deductible. 5. When a participant’s fee is 100% funded, (by scholarship and the participant’s 1/3 commitment) and acknowledged by GCF, then the participant may proceed to the sponsored participant registration form.
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Intermissionary Scholarships are solicited and granted at the sole discretion of Girl Catch Fire LLC, based on funds available. This application in no way implies or guarantees the granting of funds. If you are selected to receive Intermissionary Scholarship Funds, we will notify you and allow sufficient time for you to make travel arrangements. Intermissionary Scholarship Funds are for retreat tuition only, and will be processed by Girl Catch Fire LLC. No cash distribution will occur.