When was the last time you took a week out,
to consider where you've been and where you're going?

At the theatre, intermission is break in the play. A moment for you to wander around the lobby, considering what just happened and what might happen next.

Intermissionary Retreats are like that. 

They are a brief, refreshing pause in your story, a safe place to decompress and process, while enjoying some of the most iconic mountain ranges in the world. The creation is the stage upon which you and your Creator do most of the talking, and we do the listening. 

Intermissionary Retreats are simple, communal times of restoration with small groups of people. We cook together, drink wine, sit by the fire, and process our thoughts on Act I, so we can dream about Act II.

2017 IM Chamonix Highlights

Intermissionary Colorado September 16-23, 2017

Focus: Debriefing and reentry retreat for global workers returning to their passport nations, or taking a break from global service.  
$900 per person. 

Booking Terms and Conditions


  • Colorado High Country - Frisco, Colorado
  • Seven days. Six nights. 
  • Worship night at Red Rocks with Josh Garrels and Jesus Culture included 
  • Double occupancy. Private home.
  • Three meals per day included.
  • Daily prayer and intercession.
  • Guided debriefing sessions based on Melissa Chaplin's Returning Well. 
  • Daily hiking and optional yoga classes.
  • Communal meals.
  • Intermissionary journal.
  • Singles and couples over 18 welcome.

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IM Colorado - September 16-23, 2017

Week-long debrief and reentry retreat at a private home in Frisco, Colorado. Space is limited to 9 adults. 

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