Ever wish there Was a Guidance Counselor for Grown ups?

Erin Kirk - Girl Catch Fire

...Because every day you wake up, get dressed, go to work, go home, do laundry, watch Netflix and go to bed wondering, is this is all there is?

The answer is a resounding maybe.

You can create the life you want - full of purpose and joy and connection to other humans - but wouldn't it be great to have someone standing by who sees you, listens to you and asks hard questions like:

"What are you here for?"

People have been asking that question for millennia. Erin Kirk - Founder of Girl Catch Fire, believes it’s imperative we answer it, and fast. 

Erin is that guidance counselor for women who are ready to quit distracting themselves with busyness, fakery, guilt, overwork, selfishiness, fear and shame, and finally take action on the vital and satisfying work they were born to do.

Our mission: 

We help you Know God. clarify your Purpose & Execute it daily.

What we do is not easy, and it’s not for everyone. We dig deeply into what you believe about God and yourself. We challenge you and hold you accountable. We excavate buried landmines and explode them, so we can dig safely for the treasure you’ve buried. 

Erin took the long way - But you don't have to. 

At age 37, after looking every possible place for direction, Erin quietly picked up a Bible (the last place she wanted to look) and read the whole thing. For the last seven years, she’s read it again and again, studying, writing, praying and building experimenting with interesting things in the Kingdom of God. It changed her life, it can change yours. 

She now coaches women all over the world and hosts debriefing retreats for women working in crisis and humanitarian zones. She is a spiritual life coach, a writer and lives on a boat in Florida.