Ever wonder how to make your life matter?

Erin Kirk - Founder Girl Catch Fire

Like, what am I here for? Is this all there is? I don't want to die with the music inside me, but what is the music and how do I play it? 

People have been asking these questions for millennia. Erin Kirk - Founder of Girl Catch Fire, believes it’s imperative we answer them. 

She coaches women (and a few fellas), who are ready to quit distracting themselves with busyness, overwork, trinkets and Facebook, to take action on the vital and satisfying work they were born to do.

Our mission AT GCF is simple, we:

  1. Help you reset your connection to God,
    or introduce you for the first time.
  2. Discern what he created you for.
  3. Help you map the steps to execute it.

Identity. Purpose. Community. Mission.

We believe you were created for a specific purpose on this earth; one only you can complete. What is it? Are you doing it?

Too many successful, high-achieving women answer no and it's killing them. They want to dwell in the passionate love of God; they want to lose the guilt and anxiety that comes with an aimless life; they want to live their lives on purpose and leave a legacy behind them. 

we help you develop a love-centered spiritual practice that helps you wake up purposeful, powerful and on mission every day. 

It’s not easy, and it’s not for everyone. We dig deeply into what you believe about God and yourself. We challenge you and hold you accountable. We excavate buried landmines and explode them, so we can dig safely for the treasure you’ve buried. 

Erin wandered around for years yelling: What do I do with my life?

Desperate, she picked up a Bible - the last place she wanted to look - and read the whole thing. For the last seven years, she’s read it again and again; studying, writing, praying and building interesting things in the Kingdom of God. It changed her life, it will change yours. 

She now hosts life purpose retreats in the world’s most stunning locations, like Costa Rica and Chamonix, France. The retreats are designed for women who are ready to assume their identity, discover their purpose and then go do it. 

She also hosts debriefing retreats for returning missionaries, who’ve been serving Jesus all over the world. She is a spiritual life coach, a writer and someone who loves to talk about Jesus.