Help for the Fearful Creative

"Human beings are God’s created co-creators whose purpose is to be the agency, acting in freedom, to birth the future that is most wholesome for the nature that has birthed us."
- Joan Chittister. The Monastery of the Heart: An Invitation to a Meaningful Life.

Early morning is the most dangerous time of day for me. In the silence, before the sun, before I'm really awake, a battle erupts in my mind. The skirmish is over what I will create today. The combatants are me and the God I can't see, versus the gremlins and the fear I can see very well.

However, if I accept that I am created in the image of God the Creator, I have agency and freedom to bring heaven to earth by simply creating it. Then, of course, the battle makes sense.

It is almost flattering that every, single morning, before I'm fully conscious, I consider the circumstances of the day before, and panic. As I examine the progress of my creation, I hear in my head: "This is never going to work."

If I chose believe that, I am already defeated and nothing will be created today.

Help for the Stuck and Fearful Creative

But I am only defeated if I quit.

To create something that doesn't yet exist anywhere but the mind of God requires that my focus dwells steadily in supernatural places. If I do not quit, something - likely something I don't expect - will be born. It's a certainty.

"And that is your enjoy the goodness of the kingdom, to bask in the light of God, to be ambassadors of the kingdom, to live into God’s grace, and all at the same time risking it, laying it on the line, doing something difficult, challenging to carry the kingdom forward.” 
Paul Roberts, President of Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary.

Keeping the mind in the realm of the supernatural, is the business of the creative individual. Many people don't even know you can do that. But you can. When I live and work with the mind of Christ, which the Apostle Paul said I could do, I am incredibly powerful and dangerous to the gremlins - and they know it. 

No wonder they always engage me before I'm quite ready to fight. 

But even if I lose the battle on some days, I will never lose the war because I am beloved, chosen and cherished whether I create anything or not. This is true of me. It is true of you. 


Ok Yes. That's Great. How do i do it?

Despite my start this morning, I'm here. Talking to you. Buoyed and emboldened. Creating something that didn't exist yesterday. Here's how I did it:

1. I went for a walk and explained the situation to Jesus, exactly as I would explain it to a friend walking beside me. 

2. I stood by the creek and listened to the birds and the water. This is the first step in taking my mind out of the equation, and tuning into the spirit of God.

3. I waited. Eventually, a scripture came to mind.

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:19

God told the Israelites to fix the scriptures on their minds and hearts, so they would be there when they needed them. I have read The Bible nearly every day for seven years now. The promise of Isaiah 43 is fixed on my heart, so it bubbles up when I need it.

4. I came back to my office, studied Isaiah 41-43, which are all about fear, trust and redemption.  

I suspect I shall have to rinse and repeat this entire process tomorrow, but for today, my side won. 

I hope this helps you. Now go create something beautiful.