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What Is Girl Catch Fire?

July 07, 20232 min read

A lot of you are new here.

So welcome! I’m Erin, I’m a writer, a world traveler, a Professional Certified Life Coach, and the founder of Girl Catch Fire. We’re in the business of second-half happiness, impact, joy, and freedom both for ourselves and you. We do that through writing, coaching, and hosting women’s retreats in astonishing places.

It took me a long time to realize that while all those things feel purposeful, they’re not my purpose. They are vehicles for purposeful living.

My real purpose is to love all the parts of myself and God and to honor the gifts He gave me by using them in creative ways - even if I’m afraid - and teaching you to do the same.

Living like this is both a choice and a lifestyle. It’s rarely easy but it’s worth it.

Wyoming landscape

People are funny about personal development.

Maybe you’ve heard someone say of some course they undertook, “yeah I tried that it didn’t work.”

Like somehow developing a lifestyle of wellness, joy, freedom, and impact is totally unlike the development of six-pack abs. “Yeah, I did sit-ups every day for a month, then I stopped. Sit-ups don’t work.”

It works if you work it.


I started following my nose in this direction in 2013 with a little gathering I called Love Dinner. My intent was just to put people around a table in a safe and loving way. Beyond that, I wasn’t sure what God had in mind.

Everything I’ve done since is based on the same principles:

  • Put people in a safe environment.

  • Invite them to tell the truth.

  • Help them, by whatever means necessary, to find a way forward.

  • Love and support them as they go.

dinner time

That’s what we do at Girl Catch Fire.

And we specialize in women in midlife, who are often burnt-out, lost, anxious, risk-averse, fearful, dying of perfectionism, etc, they need help to find their way forward.

If that’s you, here are two ways we can help.

  1. We just reopened our flagship course The Meaning of Midlife, after a little breather I took in Wyoming this summer. We are talking with people about it right now, and we’d love to talk to you, book a free discovery call here.

  2. We also just announced our flagship 6-day women’s intensive retreat in the French Alps - a place we’ve not been able to gather since 2019. It’s beyond fabulous, we’re excited and enrollment is open. If you are hungry for a deep connection to yourself, the creation, your body, and a bunch of incredible women who might just become lifelong friends, check out the 2023 Chamonix Firegirl Retreat.

rocky  mountains

As Alicia Keys would say, “this girl is on fy-aaaaahhhh,” and we’d love to see you join us!


Erin Kirk

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