Know Your Purpose

What is a Firegirl?

See, you have a destiny on your life and until you get busy doing that thing you were created to do, and loving a bunch of people along the way, your rut will only get narrower and deeper. It’s not about chasing happiness, it’s about living in your good purpose.

“But what do I do? I’ve tried everything and nothing changes,” you moan. 

We get it. We’ve been there, but we got out. 

It's Time to Do Your Work.

It's Time to Do Your Work.

“But I don’t knowwwwwww what my work is,” I hear you moan. Yes you do. That work you see someone else doing on Instagram, which secretly makes you seethe with jealousy, don’t dismiss that. Pay attention, it’s a street sign on your path. The pitiable “I just don’t know” story is a lie.


What Do You Want From Your Life?

What Do You Want From Your Life?

On Tuesday, I got back from Montana after hosting the FIFTH Intermissionary Retreat. I spent a whole week listening to people tell their REAL stories; you know the ones that live just behind the masks we all wear. Life is so much harder and more beautiful than we let on to each other. It’s no wonder people love retreats.

Anyway, here’s my hunch: It’s not that we don’t know we want to do with our lives, it’s just that our purpose is usually buried under a pile of crap, and 90% of that crap comes in the form of old, bad, lying stories we tell about things that have happened to us. We don’t even realize we do it.

Firegirls Listen to Dolly

When you get discouraged for not living on purpose, or you feel just "meh" about your life, what do you do next? Netflix? Chardonnay? Amazon? Insta? Cupcakes?


What It Means to Catch Fire

What It Means to Catch Fire

A Firegirl is a woman who is no longer afraid to fail, in fact she doesn't even believe in the word. She's disciplined herself to live her life on purpose, come what may. She makes bold moves and leaves the earth looking more like heaven in a hundred little ways behind her.

She is an ambassador, a fragrance, a child of God and she sees people for who they can be, not who they currently are. She is magnetic, alive, brave and even foolish - the light in her eyes is a stunning and curious thing. It's so different, people ask about it.

How is Fear Keeping You Small?

How is Fear Keeping You Small?

Your "what if" fears keep you stuck in someday, but I believe the world needs you, doing your thing, at a high level, right now. What is that thing?

Do you need to...

  • Ask for the money you're worth at work?

  • Build a case for your promotion? 

  • Stand up and speak truth to power?

  • Start dating again, so you can find your life partner? 

  • Write the book?

  • Found the non-profit?

  • Serve the refugees?

What would you do if you were unafraid? 

Don't Confuse Fame and Fruit

Thing One: Don’t forget, most people run their highlight reel on social media and it's a breeding ground for discontent - so if your Facebook or Insta feeds make you feel bad, stop looking at them.

Go look at your vision board instead, because if you've done it right it's already full of beautiful things you want to do, be, have and create in your life. If you haven't cast that vision for your life, what are you waiting for? The enemy of your soul will happily do it for you and that's such a bummer.

Ready for the Deep End?

Ready for the Deep End?

Are you wanting to get out of the pew and into the world, bringing love, light and good news, but you're not clear how?

Maybe you'd like to off load some of your blessing to someone who really needs it - do a little justice and mercy - but where and how and to whom?

Maybe you want to love God and love others in a radical way, like Jesus did, but handing out tracts seems ineffective and you've got concerns about short-term missions.

On Saying Goodbye to Texas

On Saying Goodbye to Texas

I stood on the porch of the ranch house last night and watched the fireflies flicker and hum with the sunset. It reminded me of my first trip to Africa with Mercy Ships where I saw the very same thing, at a picnic on the Congo River.

Standing there, I felt the Lord whisper into my heart: Gratitude is the portal. Everything you have at this moment is already enough. You are enough and I am more than enough. 

Remember this. 

So I'm remembering tonight. The lovely Walter Family who has been part of our story for more than a decade. I'm grateful to you for letting Sam and me be part of your family's story. 

On Sparkles and Ripples

On Sparkles and Ripples

I tell the women of the Firegirl Academy all the time that our power is rarely found in our grand gestures. Thank God because most of us can't figure out how to execute grand gestures anyway. Jill Briscoe, one of my heroes, lifted an immense stone from my neck when I heard her say,

"Your mission field is always just between your feet."