Don't Confuse Fame and Fruit

Do you sometimes feel the only path to purpose and meaning is to pen a bestseller, speak from a big stage or blow up on Instagram?

Like your life doesn't matter because you're just __________ and if only you could ______________ you would be so much more ___________ and then you could finally ___________.

Ladies, this is the enemy's favorite trick and our culture is his assistant. He invites us, all the time, to compare ourselves with someone who's doing life, bigger, better, faster, more.

But please darlings, don't confuse fame and fruit.

Two Things:

1. Most people run only their highlight reel on social media and it's a breeding ground for discontent - so if your Facebook or Insta feeds make you feel bad, stop looking at them.

Go look at your vision board instead, because, if you've done it right, it's already full of beautiful things you want to do, be, have and create in your life. If you haven't cast that vision for your life yet, what are you waiting for? The enemy of your soul will happily do it for you and that's such a bummer.

2. What if your purpose was simply to become the very best version of yourself? To embody love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, humility and self control? What if that was your aim each day as you walked out whatever you mapped out on your vision board? Wouldn't that be pretty satisfying even if you never got a million followers on Instagram?

Fruit grows when it is firmly connected to it's branch and tree. So let's do that. Know God. Clarify your vision. Execute it daily. 

Contentment comes not from sitting around wishing for things, but you already know that. It comes from bearing the fruit you were born to bear. Do you know what that is? Figuring out what kind of tree you are and how to keep it bearing delicious fruit is EXACTLY HOW YOU MAKE YOUR LIFE MATTER.

Do you need help with this?

Book a call with me and we can talk about it, but be ready for me to ask you some hard questions about what's stopping you. We're burning daylight here and somebody is starving for the exact fruit you grow!