Freedom from Doubt and Fear

Intermissionary - hike

You have something the world needs. Do you know that?⠀

I suspect you do. I'll bet you already know what it is too, but either you doubt the world really needs it, or you're afraid to admit you want it.⠀

ON DOUBT: If nobody just like you has ever existed, how could your contribution be trivial? Of course the world needs it, you're the only one who can do it. ⠀

ON FEAR: Who or what lives in your head saying: "That's been done..." or "For sure, somebody could do that, but probably not you...." Or as lovely Brene Brown says, it's either, "You're not good enough" or "Who do you think you are?"⠀

AT INTERMISSIONARY THAT JIG IS UP, because we have the liar in our crosshairs. Some days we get kicked around for it, but we think you're worth it.⠀

You may not be ready to tackle your thing yet, you might just need a deep breath and a break. You might need someone to listen hard as you talk about where you've been. That's ok. We love that.⠀

But when you are ready, we have your back and an arsenal of shiny new tools to help you bring to light all those things you and the Lord have tucked away in your heart.⠀

Whenever you're ready. We're ready.