How to Get Strong and Free.

People often ask me the difference between therapy and coaching. Here’s how I explain it:

Therapists tend to look back over your life and help you fix what’s broken. Coaches tend to look forward and help you make what’s working work better. It’s like the difference between a physical therapist and a personal trainer, both are useful but for totally different reasons.

I bring it up because most of the women I talk to have coaching - not therapy - concerns, such as:

  • Clarity - Knowing what they really want and why they want it.

  • Identity - Who they really are underneath all the stories, constructs and masks.

  • Progress - How to identify their good life purpose and action it every day.

  • Fear - How to flip the old, crap stories that get in the way.

The good news is, all that stuff figure-out-able, but if you could have figured it out on your own, you’d have done it by now. That’s why people hire coaches.


Ten years ago, I stood on the back porch of this 100-year-old ranch house in West Texas and screamed into the wind: WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?

Up to that point, things had come pretty easy for me, or maybe I was running too fast to notice the gaps lurking in my narrative. It all came to an abrupt halt in West Texas where I found myself lonely, isolated, depressed, anxious and completely lost over what to do next.

Had a good life purpose coach shown up on my porch and offered to help me craft a plan, I would have hired her on the spot.

But that didn’t happen and I had to find my way out on my own, so ten years later, I became the coach I needed back then.

I know that stuck, lonely and lost place like the back of my hand, and I hate to see other women languishing there, because it’s for freedom that Christ set us free.


So if you’re resigned to fear, inertia, boredom, isolation, selfishness, or aimlessness, YOU ARE NOT FREE. All that stuff is diminishing you, stealing your potential and keeping you from your good life purpose.

I’m not saying my life is easy now, it’s just hard in different ways. I had to confront my own fear, shame, loneliness, anxiety and love of control. Believe me, it’s a process, but you can’t get free and whole without swimming that moat, and the only way you become a good swimmer is by swimming.

  • How do I call things that be not as though they are?

  • How do I trust myself again?

  • How do I feel the fear and do it anyway?

Nobody can really give this to you, but a good coach can show you how to bring it up from your own depths and work it until it’s second nature. So what are you waiting for? You were built with a good purpose. What is it? Are you doing it?

Or are you shouting into the wind?

If it’s the latter, book a call with me. It’s free. We can talk about where you’re stuck. If I can help you get unstuck I will tell you, if not, I’ll tell you that too and steer you to someone else who can help.