LeBron and the Art of Chucking Starfish


You can be a cynic.
You can take apart the model.
You can criticize a culture where such intervention is even necessary.

...Or you can get the heck on board with LeBron and cheer on a guy who worked his tail off to get where he is and is now sending his elevator back down.

You Go LeBron - You are a Fireman!!!

Years from now, God willing, LeBron's I Promise school will be a model, a force for change and most importantly have mushroom clouds of impact all over the country. My prayer for LeBron is that legions of kids will get a shot at something greater because he took what was in his hand and threw it down.

Remember, the starfish story people - Kid walking down the beach where the tide has stranded hundreds of starfish. He's chucking them back in.

When a helpful cynic comes along and points out he can't get to every starfish, so how is his effort making a difference.

"It makes a difference to this one."

What if we're called to just find our starfish and use whatever strength and skill we have to chuck as many of them back in as we can?

What if that is our calling? Our purpose?

This train's a comin' people. You have work to do here and we're going to help. Stay tuned right here for more.

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