Are You Lonely? Who's Your Squad?

Several years ago, I started something called Love Dinner. It was a small gathering of women at my house, where I lit candles, set out my wedding china and served good food on it.

At first, I didn’t really know what Love Dinner was for, I just felt the Lord leading me to do it. I had been lonely and struggling in East Texas, and I knew a few women who felt the same.


I’ve written about Love Dinner a bunch: How that little squad became a major lifeline, how some of them didn’t leave my house until 1am, and the critical importance of camaraderie.

Here’s why it matters so much.

  • Half of all meals in the United States are now eaten alone.

  • 50% of American adults say they are lonely, like nobody really knows them.

  • A recent study by CIGNA said loneliness is now equal to obesity and smoking as a predictor of early death.

we’re going after That & Love Dinner is our weapon.


But this post isn’t about Love Dinner specifically.

It’s about squads in general. Recently, Jesus made it clear that my days of head-down, solitary grinding and closed-door empire-building are over.

You need a squad, he said.

Thank you Jesus, I replied, because I’m a huge extravert and working alone 10 hours a day drains the crap out of me. So this post is actually about gratitude for the squad that’s mobilizing around Girl Catch Fire.

Meet Squad Member #1 - KJ


That’s KJ & me doing some firefighting a few years ago. It’s a long story why we were doing that, but we were together then, putting out fires and we’re together now, starting them.

In January, KJ became the Chief Operating Officer at Girl Catch Fire and took over operations at Intermissionary which, because of her, is now a 501c3 non profit.

Yesterday, I said to her, “Ok don’t freak out but I have something I want to do.”

Then I remembered KJ doesn’t freak out. I’m the freak-out artist and I need a rock, a builder, a believer; someone who will say yes to the right things and no to the dumb things. She is all that and more.

“I want to do a life-coaching surf retreat in Costa Rica next spring,” I said.

“Cool. Do you want me to start figuring that out.” she replied.

“Uh, yah. Thanks.”

So I guess if you want some life purpose coaching AND surfing lessons in Costa Rica next spring, you should sign up for this special list - so we can share the details once KJ figures them out.

If you need a picture of Jaco, Costa Rica to help you drop your email in the red box, here you go.


now, Meet squad member #2 - Beth.

Beth isn’t new around here. In fact, she, KJ and I all met at Mercy Ships. She’s been to multiple Love Dinners, was at the Chamonix retreat two years ago and calls me about once a week, to check in and pray.


She’s so valuable to me in this regard that she, KJ and I planned an official girls-working-beach-weekend in Pensacola. We’re going bathe everything we’re doing like The Gathering, The Firegirl Retreats, The Academy #Reentry Ready etc. in a whole bunch of prayer and see if God wants any changes.

He’s The Chairman of course, we just work here.


Here’s What I know for sure…

If you are lonely and pulling weight all by yourself, you’re actually limiting your potential. Stop it. Get a squad. Here’s some help.

How to host your own Love Dinner.

This is the exact guide I give the Firegirls when I ask them to host. Yes, all of them are intimidated at the prospect at first and then they do it. Every time, without exception, God shows up and makes the event deeper and richer than any of them expected.

So why not start your own Love Dinner? (again - here’s how). Trust me half of the people at the table will cry with relief. Also, and this is critically important. DO NOT SELL THEM ANYTHING. I swear multi-level-marketing has ruined the art of the dinner party.

Try it and see what happens and if you do, tell us what happened at Girl Catch Fire on Instagram #LoveDinner.

Finally, if you feel lost, stuck or bored with your life, you can book a free call with me. We’ll talk about how to get you crystal clear on your essential life purpose and the steps to action it, so you can live God’s design for your life with freedom and impact.