Need a Little Good News Right Now?


Chris Gore is an author, speaker and pastor from Bethel Church in Redding, California. 

Nearly every word from his mouth makes me want to jump up and cheer. It's plain to see he loves Jesus, believes the gospel and orders his life accordingly.

I admire teachers like Chris because I came to Jesus as a skeptic and a doubter, so, for better or worse, my b.s. meter is super low tolerance. Even a hint of game or manipulation or bad theology from the pulpit and I'm out.

So when people preach the gospel, as Chris does - straight up, double shot, no chaser - it burns so good, and I'm reminded how revolutionary Jesus actually is. Truly, the gospel, properly rendered, is some crazy good news.


The gospel is ground zero, but great teachers like Chris live on dozens of floors above it. Go there. Wander around. Ask questions. Get to know Jesus first, then listen to people who speak and teach about Him, but watch how they exhibit him too.

Don't forget, Jesus had piles of enemies. He still does, but once you know Him and how he talks, those other voices sound just as fake and shady as the dude in your inbox with the million dollar deal. Of course his shade is obvious and easy to reject, it's harder when it's standing in the pulpit saying things sure seem to contradict Jesus.

That's why you've got to hear and know Jesus first. Other people second.

Jesus never said follow my followers. He said follow me. As much as I like Chris and respect his work, I don't follow him, I learn from his experience and we follow Jesus together. It's safer and more fun. So who are your teachers and why do you love them?