Notes from the French Alps - Intermissionary

Intermissionary Retreats

Here's the thing:

The Apostle Paul told the Romans that the invisible nature of God was discernible to us in and through the things He created. Like mountains, green meadows, waterfalls and forests. 

So if you are trying to reset your connection to God, or understand who He is in the first place, why not head somewhere like Chamonix, France like 18 of us are for the next two weeks?

Chamonix - Girl Catch Fire

All day today, Mont Blanc has been peeking out of a bright, white shroud. Backyard gardens are thick with wild roses, geraniums and lupine. The yellow squash blossoms look promising. Outside my window, local paragliders keep landing in the wide green meadow, and all I can hear are the birds. 

Chamonix Parapente

Intermissionary Retreats are about encountering the God who created you so you can know what for, and then go do it.

We believe you were put here, in this time, for a reason. What is it? Need help figuring it out? Good listeners help. So do glaciers and silence, and that's why we host retreats in the very best alpine locations - high quiet places where the world will just give us a minute.

For the next two weeks, that's the French Alps. In September, it's the Colorado Rockies. 

St. Michael - Chamonix France

I can tell you what I mean or I can just show you.

A storm blew in yesterday afternoon, as usually happens in mountains during the summer. I was jet-lagged, standing on my deck just listening and I thought the rain and the birds couldn't sound any more beautiful. Then the church bells started.

If God is everywhere, in everything, around us all the time, why do so many of us struggle to hear and believe Him?

Because we're too busy. Our lives are too loud. We drive 80 mph from thing to thing, texting; granting the voices in our head our fractured attention, while the one in our heart waits silently.

Intermissionary Retreats are about stopping all that and listening to God and each other.

Chamonix, France

Want to join us?

Intermissionary @ Chamonix is full, but Intermissionary Colorado September 16-23rd has space and is designed specifically for global workers coming off the field. The 2018 Intermissionary schedule will be up this fall.

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