who am I

What is a Firegirl?

See, you have a destiny on your life and until you get busy doing that thing you were created to do, and loving a bunch of people along the way, your rut will only get narrower and deeper. It’s not about chasing happiness, it’s about living in your good purpose.

“But what do I do? I’ve tried everything and nothing changes,” you moan. 

We get it. We’ve been there, but we got out. 

Long for Community & Purpose?

Long for Community & Purpose?

We are working to gather tight little groups of people, in all their dysfunctional glory, so they can figure out, often and together, who God is and who they are in Him, and what they might do next.⠀

Western culture is not good at this. We prefer a private, stiff upper lip approach to life. When people ask how we are, we say, "busy." ⠀