The Bonfires Are Purifying - But Painful

so what

So I've found myself in an interesting situation this week.

I'll spare you the details, but someone - a board of someones actually - is asking me to explain the EXACT SPIRITUAL NATURE of Girl Catch Fire LLC in order to accept me into a program I'd really like to join.

Something about the separation of church and state. Hoo Boy.....

I've been mulling it over all night and this morning I finally said, "Lord, I'm just not sure the best way to handle this."

He clarified things, because he's my Dad and that's what he does, and since you're my people, I thought I'd share what came out. Ready?

I love Jesus. The gospel is all over my life and my work. The sacred and secular lines no longer exist, because I erased them.

I live Jesus. Talk Jesus. Love Jesus and his people - all of them, whether they love him back or not.

You can be whoever you want to be AND work with me. I'll never tell you who you should be or bible thump you because I hate that, but buyer beware, when you squeeze me you're going to get Jesus all over your hands - which is actually pretty great.

Also, cut me some slack because I'm still growing.

I'm going to fall down, screw it up and say it all wrong from time to time, even right in front of you, but I trust God to pick me up and dust me off, so I can take off running again. He's good that way.

The reality is, I'm going to be too much for some people and situations. So what? That doesn't change my allegiance to Jesus or my identity as His beloved daughter.

And frankly, if I'm getting heat from all different corners - church and state - I'm probably doing something right, because that's how He got it.

Come what may, I'm just going to trust him to lead me right where I need to be.

I am a Firegirl. 💃💃💃