The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done

Three years ago today, 50 squealing, giggling teenage girls arrived on a bus from the capital city of Madagascar, 10 hours away, for an Easter Weekend beach trip hosted by the world’s largest civilian hospital ship - The Africa Mercy - and her gorgeous crew.

It was the proudest and most terrifying weekend of my life, because I was in charge of it.


I’ve written about the Esther Project many times:

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.48.21 AM.png

In some ways, I was the best version of myself in Africa, because Mercy Ships, my colleagues and God forced me to be. They kept putting me in situations where I had to confront my fear of failure and relentless need for perfection. The Esther Project was a perfect example.

It’s tempting to want to run back there because Mercy Ships was the fire by which I warmed myself while I learned what I know about God and faith. However, there comes a time to build your own fire, so others can keep warm while they learn it too. This is why Girl Catch Fire exists.

Had there been no Esther Project, there would be no Girl Catch Fire and no Intermissionary, because I wouldn’t have had the courage to build them. I’m grateful for the firestarters who came before me and set a fine example.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.58.41 AM.png

This is how it goes when you’re learning to make your life matter.

You start somewhere, learn stuff, make stuff, evaluate it, make more stuff, fail terribly, cry in the parking lot, get up, get a hug and go again.

What I know for sure is when I relax my grip on all of it, God does things in a bigger and more elaborate way than I can dare ask, dream or imagine.

Do you have something burning in your heart: A flicker that you want to fan into flame, but you don’t know how? Book a call with me and let’s talk about it. We’re building an army of women who believe they were put here for a purpose and want to get busy executing it.

The courage it takes to live like this is worth the effort. I promise.

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