Make Your Life Matter - Start Now!

Are you feeling a little bored with your life, your job, your path? Sort of aimless, like maybe the ladder you've been climbing all this time is actually leaned against the wrong building?

There's got to be more than this and you want to do it, but how?

Merry Christmas from Firegirl HQ.

You're not alone, millions of people feel this way, and they think the problem is their skill set.


You have way more capability than you realize. The problem is, you don't believe you were born for a purpose that only you can fulfill, AND you don't believe, right now, there are people waiting for you to do so. 

That's right. YOU. 

I hosted a training last week for members of the How to Make Your Life Matter Facebook Group to explain how to know God, dream big and execute daily. You were born for a purpose and your joy is found in executing it. Watch this training to learn how to:

  • Set your compass.
  • Mind your mind.
  • Mind your mouth.
  • Talk back to your fear.
  • Get a champion to hold you accountable as you climb.

It's about 45 minutes and I find it goes best with a glass of Merlot and a fire, but hot cocoa works too! 


Photo Credit: Alex Blajan

Oh and ICYMI - The link I mention in the video can be found here