What It Means to Catch Fire


To me, she's an imperfect but courageous woman who is moved and animated by the Love of God - every single day. Her first thought in the morning is "Thank You." Her second is, "What's on the agenda Boss?"


A Firegirl is a woman who is no longer afraid to fail, in fact she doesn't even believe in the word. She's disciplined herself to live her life on purpose, come what may. She makes bold moves and leaves the earth looking more like heaven in a hundred little ways behind her.

She is an ambassador, a fragrance, a child of God and she sees people for who they can be, not who they currently are. She is magnetic, alive, brave and even foolish - the light in her eyes is a stunning and curious thing. It's so different, people ask about it.

A Firegirl does things people think are crazy, but secretly admire. She puts her grocery cart back, picks up trash she didn't drop and sends her elevator back down. She studies, she prays, she listens and trusts God. She reaches over the wall to help other women up.


She can do all this because the Firegirl has finally rejected the world's definition of herself, and embodied God's definition instead. 

You know Firegirls already - they are usually complicated and messy, but open about it. They take a deep breath and bring their imperfect work to the world, as a offering to God. They are humble but fearsome, and committed to moving forward, even if they are groping their way to the light, just like everybody else. 
This is who we are becoming at Girl Catch Fire. Want to join us? PM me here.