2023 Chamonix Firegirl Retreat

June 17-22,2023

Chamonix, France

You were built for purpose, joy, & impact

You were built for purpose, joy, & impact

Move Your Body.

Still Your Mind

We just concluded our Firegirl retreat in the French Alps for a 6-day/5-night, all-women, mindfulness and movement retreat at one of our favorite places on earth.

Chamonix, France.

Tucked high in the French Alps, Chamonix is known for world-class hiking, skiing, climbing, and endurance running. Home to the very first winter Olympics and the world-famous Marathon Du Mont Blanc, Chamonix offers the best of French food and hospitality and some of the loveliest alpine views in the world.

Embodiment is Our Focus

Some of us need to remember how to be still and know. Some of us need to let nature - fresh air and steep mountains - remind us we actually have bodies that want to move.

At the 2023 Chamonix Firegirl Retreat, we did both.

At Girl Catch Fire, we also believe that healing and restoration are best done in community. Our retreats are a place for vulnerability, joy, honesty, and courage. Some of our retreat alumni have become friends for life.

What do people say about Firegirl Retreats?

“Everything about this retreat was restful and encouraging. The deep conversations, the community...not to mention the freedom to hike and explore in a beautiful environment, surrounded by delicious food.”

— Rachel

“This week in France has been full of tears and laughter, preservation and perseverance, small sparks of fire to reignite my purpose.””— Bri

“I left the retreat with greater peace and was challenged to dream big about the future.”— Wendy

“How liberating it is to realize that I can write a deliberate, empowering new story for my own life, and confidently execute it. I cannot wait to meet the person that I am becoming, as I know I have waited for her to have the courage to emerge for a very long time”— Karen

“I’m appreciative of your strong sense of faith and how that guides you to guide others. I’m not a Christian, but always felt completely aligned with your spirituality throughout our journey.”— Barb

“Erin was so frustrating. She wouldn’t tell me what to do. And that was the whole point and she knew it. I’d been living to take care of and please everyone else. The questions guide me to find me. What do I WANT? And how to move one star at a time to get it. It has been a slow “marinade”. But the journey is worth it.”— Monica

“I will never forget how God will use us to work on His behalf in someone else’s life. I needed to be rescued and he sent you.”— Terri

“Erin was great at picking up on things that I said which highlighted subconscious thoughts, and helped me articulate some things I was feeling but could not put my finger on. Erin is a perceptive listener who readily reflects back to you what she hears.
”— Michelle