The Plan for this week:

Let me let you in on a secret: Any big dream you're planning to execute is going to take a bunch of INTERNAL work. 

The new skills required for your big dream are only about 20% of the equation. Your MINDSET is the other 80%. So in week one, we're going to start clearing garbage and clutter out of your physical space AND your mental space. 

Video #1 - Clear Your Space. 15 min.
How to execute the KonMari method in your house, and get in the habit of getting up a wee bit earlier in the morning. 

Video #2 -Core Values Exercise. 6 mins.
Print up this worksheet. What really drives you? Do you know? Take your time with this video, pause it frequently. The video is only six minutes but don't be fooled. This is deep work. Follow the instructions exactly. Focus most of your writing, brainstorming efforts in your sparkle notebook or on workflowy. 

Video # 3 - Gratitude video 30 mins. 
A fun and funny Ted Talk from happiness researcher Shawn Achor. He explains the science behind your new gratitude practice. (That's what half the blank journal is for.) Also, in case you believe your personal challenges are too stout, enjoy William from Malawi's Ted Talk. Listen while you Kondo, if you're short on time.

Video #4 - Understanding the ELI 44 mins.
Open and or print this document and open up the results of your ELI survey that I emailed you. Follow along carefully, as I explain what it means. Some of our work will be practical and hands on (like the Core values exercise) but a lot of it will be exposing what you believe about yourself and the world. The Energy Leadership Index is the perfect foundation. We'll talk about it more in your first one on one call with me. Have you booked that yet? 


  • Get up 30m earlier every day but Sunday. Use this time for Headspace and prayer.


  • KonMari your house this week. 
  • Meditate with Headspace 15m daily.
  • Values Clarification Exercise + three questions in your sparkle notebook.
  • Morning gratitude practice: 3 things before your feet hit the floor.
  • Get in your gratitude journal, once per day (at least) write 5-10 things you're grateful for.