You were built for purpose, joy, & impact

You were built for purpose, joy, & impact

The Meaning of Midlife

is a four-month program designed to help women in midlife get unstuck & on purpose, so they can get out of their own way, and start building a joyful second half.

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Your Purpose is Waiting

What is the purpose of your life’s second half? How long have you been trying to figure it out? Who or what keeps you from making moves on it? What’s the big dream and what’s your first step?

It’s not selfish or self-indulgent to ask these questions at midlife - it’s normal, necessary even. Frankly, the skills, tools, and behaviors you used in your life’s first half, are likely played out - especially after a major identity shift like divorce, career change, or empty nest.

When you treat midlife as an opportunity, not a crisis, you recognize that the second half of your life is a wide empty canvas, and there’s a wise woman nearby whispering:

“Wake up love. It’s time to make something new.” Are you ready to find out what that is … and start doing it?

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How The Program Works

Create a clean, fresh space

in your physical &

Emotional Body

We believe midlife is not a crisis but an opportunity to pause and consider where you’ve been and where you want to go next.

But that’s difficult in an environment filled with clutter.

Your home is often a reflection of your interior world, which can be bad news, but consider how good it feels to spring clean your house - how clear, open and relaxed you feel, so full of possibility.

In order to get unstuck and on purpose, you and your house need a good spring cleaning - that includes your body, your soul and your emotions too.

After all, you are a wise, complex human system, not a machine.

Case new vision.

Draw a map & take action.

Be ready for detours

Midlife can be terrifying because it’s a chance to deconstruct who you have been to become who you can be.

Making those bold, beautiful plans will require you to rip out old stories and emotional trauma, like weeding an overgrown garden.

Trauma exists on a spectrum and every human has it.

Understanding the lingering impact of your attachment styles, your nervous system defaults and the survival patterns, will help you break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors.

All it takes is a clear vision, a stepwise plan and great courage.1 Column

Build lifetime habits and communities to support your growth.

Identifying your purpose requires contemplation, humility and a willingness to take risks.

That’s easier to do when you’ve broken the process down into small steps and are taking a few each day.

Making a habit of confronting old stories, limiting beliefs and lies, you’ll build the muscle you need to make your big ambitions come to life and it’s a good idea to bring a few friends along.

How supportive and positive are your relationships?

We live, believe in and teach relationship building - straightening up the existing and building new ones. It’s all a part of living a purposeful life.

How I know

I’m Erin Kirk, Founder of Girl Catch Fire. I know this midlife territory because, at age 37, I began rolling into my own midlife dip.

Nobody, including me, understood the problem. Swamped with anxiety, fear, loneliness, and depression, I stood on my back porch screaming into the wind,

“What am I doing with my life?”

I wish someone had told me the midlife dip is a difficult but predictable phase in human development, in the same way adolescence is. It can be such a beautiful time of struggle and transformation, but our culture diminishes, commercializes, or makes fun of it, like it’s all sports cars and Botox.

It took me a while to figure out that midlife is an art and a gift, that you can in fact build whatever you want from here: A life that reflects your dreams and values, that’s honest, clear, and devoted. But it takes courage and support. I built a shortcut for you - a path through these dark woods.

Are you ready to begin climbing your life’s second mountain with an experienced guide? Book a call and we'll talk about where you are now and where you dream of going.

Through our work together, my clients have:

  • Started new businesses

  • Gotten promoted.

  • Quit soul-sucking jobs.

  • Gotten better ones.

  • Made new friends.

  • Moved across the country

  • Redefined relationships

  • Started dating again

  • Built courses and programs.

  • Gone to graduate school.

  • Found their faith.

  • Become happier, braver, and more honest.

What our clients are saying:

What is a Firegirl?

A Firegirl is a woman who lives her life mission - on purpose - every day. She’s got a vision, a plan and she makes bold moves. She knows her mind and she speaks it, with kindness and compassion, come what may.

She’s disciplined, devoted, courageous and kind. She refuses to live selfish even when it’s hard. She invites God to burn off every last thing in her life that is of no use. She gets purified - sometimes daily.

A Firegirl also loves community, laughter, people and fun. She’s all about red lipstick, cute shoes and traveling the world, but she knows what really matters - people and their stories. She gives them her keen ear, her wild mind and her soft, red heart.

A Firegirl is a maker of curious things, she’s always creating and collaborating and making her life count. She teaches other women to do the same.

Are you ready to become one? Join us as we change the world!

xo Erin and Team Firegirl