The plan for this week.

Last week the rubber met the road. You took your goals, SMARTed some steps, penciled them into your planner and executed them. How did it go?

Video #1 - Weekly Check in. 8 minutes.
I want to remind you, this is where your drive, commitment and discipline come in - heavy. Dreaming is important, but inspired intelligent action is what gets those dreams done. So in your Q2 time, identify the steps you want to take, SMART them, pencil them in and do them. Rinse, repeat. 

Video #2 - Inner Mentor Meditation. 29 minutes.
We all know about our inner critic - our gremlins. Well, what if you had an inner mentor too? Like an older wiser version of yourself you could consult. Here's a fun meditation that does just that. 

Document #1 - The Firegirl Map. 
Time to take everything from your sparkle notebook, tidy it up and put it all in one place. You can fill it all out online or print it and handwrite it. In either case, make sure you print up the finished product and keep it handy. Don't forget, you also have access to these trainings forever. So conceivably, you could go over this training every year. Not a bad way to plan your life!

Document #2 - Measure and Celebrate.
I know you guys have been diligent to write in your brag books, (right?) but can you see everything you've done? Use this document to get in the habit of evaluating what was great from the week prior and what needs more focus, and bit by bit those dreams will begin unfolding in front of your eyes. 

Video #3 - Jill Briscoe & Your Purpose 44 minutes.
How are you bringing more love and light into the world? Your joy not only lives on the other side of your comfort zone, it lives around the kitchen table, at the park, in your seva with a bunch of messy other humans. As the African proverb goes: If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

Video #4 Leo Buscaglia is back. 5 minutes. 
We love him. Have fun!


What Gets Measured Gets Managed pdf

Your personal roadmap for the next 12 months. pdf


Start filling out your Firegirl Map. 

Sharpen your saw by planning your weeks ahead of time, in your paper planner.

Keep your commitments to yourself. 

Try the Inner Mentor Meditation.