The plan for this week.

Welcome to the execution phase! This week we are going to take all the thoughts you've been jotting in your sparkle notebook, (your 12 month Future Pace, your moon and stars map, your 100-item bucket list, your seva and your My Purpose Is...exercise) and map what steps you must undertake to accomplish the stuff you're dreaming of.  

But first, I want you to take a hard look at all of those exercises (make sure you've done them, with intention, love and the guidance of the God). Get them as complete as you can, have them handy and then watch the videos in the order they appear.  

Video #1 - Check in. 8 Minutes. 
The program has three phases. Welcome to phase three. This is where we start moving our feet toward the things you say you want. 

Video #2 - Knowing Your Why. 3 minutes.
Watch Michael Jr explain the difference between what and why.

Video #3 - Putting it all together 21 minutes.
How do the moon and stars map, the My Purpose is... the bucket list and your Seva all come together? Get your sparkle notebook out and find out in this video.  Use this pdf to discover the whys behind your whats and take your time coming up with your my purpose is... sentence. 

Video #4 - What is There to Do? 5 minutes.
Meet Leo Buscaglia. He was doing personal development before it was cool. 

Video #5 - Moon and Stars Map Part II. 18 minutes.
How to get your moon and stars brainstorm session out of the sparkle notebook and into action. The exact process you can use to turn your goals into daily action steps. Here's the process and the way to make sure each step is SMART.


Five Why the four goals on your 12-month FP.

Watch the Putting the Pieces Together Video and complete the exercises within it. Take your time. Do it when you have at least an hour or two to reflect on it.

Be ready to share your PURPOSE with us in a Thursday Q&A. I can't wait to hear what you guys are teasing out. 

Complete the Mind Map Part II Exercise. Work all four of your 12-month future pace goals through this process. Have fun realizing that you actually DO know what to do next!