The Plan for this week.

Let's get to mapping and stepping shall we? Ok, yes, but first I need you to meet someone who has influenced my life more than anybody but Jesus. Meet Bob Goff. What he describes in the first video is the life I want for myself and it's the life I want for you. Watch it and come back. 

Video #2 - Check in. 5 Minutes. 
Now that we have all this beautiful messy, gorgeous, God-breathed groundwork laid, your task this week is to start organizing and actioning it. Quick habit and homework check. 

Video #3 - Why I use a paper planner. 10 minutes.
This week we will take the goals you've identified in your moon and stars map and the steps you've listed, and pencil them into your calendar. I'll give you some good planning, productivity and organization hacks, (in the case for paper) but we keep it simple around here. 

Video #4 - Committing to yourself. 11 minutes.
Keeping the commitments you make to yourself is how you learn to trust yourself. Are you trustworthy in this regard? If you penciled in one hour of writing before you go to work, do not blow it off for any reason. You wouldn't blow off an appointment with your dentist - why do it to yourself?

Video #5 - One More Pen. Green. 12 minutes.
Perfect love casts out fear. So if you're feeling fearful of the plans you've made. The trick is not always to fight the fear, but to fill up on love. 


Love Does by Bob Goff


Pencil a week of steps from one of you moon and stars map goals into your NEW paper planner. Make sure they are SMART. (Especially Realistic & Achievable.) Then JUST DO THEM!

Add a green pen to your pink/yellow pen devotional time in the morning.

Plan to tell us what you're working on and how it went on a Thursday call.  

 Here's the aurora borealis from space. You're welcome. 

Here's the aurora borealis from space. You're welcome.