The Plan for this week:

Week Two in the Firegirl Academy is all about knowing God in a way that is accurate, but also feels authentic to you. Learning to ask the hard questions of the scriptures, like: Do I believe this? Can I trust this? What about this thing I don't agree with? God is big enough to handle your questions. Let him and watch your confidence grow. 

But to really get to know somebody, you've got to spend time with them. This week, we're going to practice just being with God.

Video #1 - Seek Me First. 14 Minutes.
Seek first the kingdom of God. What does this mean and why does it matter? When we dedicate our devotional time to getting to knowing God as He is - not as people say He is - we are often surprised. 

Video #2 - Pink Pen Exercise. 8 minutes.
Ever find yourself falling asleep during your devotional time or just sitting there because you don't know what to do. Try the pink pen approach and see if it doesn't feel a bit like a treasure hunt. 

Video #3 - Thinking From the End. 20 Minutes.
This exercise will get you crystal clear on what you really want. Answer the big questions in the video first and then use this document to get really specific. Originally, we asked you to drill it down to one sentence - that's hard. For now, just write a few paragraphs that capture how your ideal life looks in 12 months, based on the questions you answered. We call it your 12-month future pace. Don't forget to make it Specific, Awesome, Achievable and Measurable. 

Video #4 - Silence and the Sabbath. 10 Minutes.
The Silent Retreat was one of the most profound exercises I've ever experienced. It can be for you too. The key is 4 hours, alone, no phone, preferably in nature. Dedicate that time to God. Go over your 12-month future pace with Him and watch what happens! You'll be surprised how quickly it goes. 


Start getting up one hour earlier in the morning.

Devote 15 minutes to your Headspace meditation (or try Brendon Burchard's) to clear out the cobwebs, then spend the remaining 45 minutes, just BEING with God. The pink pen exercise helps. 


  • Answer all the questions posed in the videos in your notebook. 
  • Complete the 12-month future pace exercise. 
  • Write it out in paragraphs or bullets.
    Then Email me a copy. If you're feeling froggy share your sentence or the whole thing with us on a Thursday call. 
  • Book a 4-hour silent retreat this weekend. 
    No phone. No music. No people, ideally in nature. Just you and God going over your work for the week. Talking it over. Bring your Bible or spiritual guidance system, your notebook and a pen and just start the conversation.

Bonus Material

Need some help with your meditation practice?

Here at the Firegirl Academy, we believe our minds are like dogs - they need training. If your mind is like a bad dog, here's Brendon Burchard talking about the power of meditation and how it can help. Don't let his use of the word "mantra" throw you. This is not a religious exercise, it's a dog-training exercise. Brendon's mantra is the word "release," which is often exactly what we need our minds to do. 

The meditation starts at minute 10.