The Plan for This week:

Week Three of the Firegirl Academy is a big, busy one and it's all about YOU. We're going to do a little Marie Kondo on your interior life, poking around seeing what's there, organizing it and getting ready to use it. 

Have your sparkle notebook handy, you're going to use it a bunch this week - writing, writing, writing. 

Remember to go through the videos in order, take your time and reflect on the content. Pause them to do the exercise at hand. Also note the links to all the industry standard personality/strength assessments. Do them too. Don't worry. It's all fun stuff. 

Video #1 - Check in. 17 minutes.
Have you completed your work from the last two weeks? Is your sparkle notebook filling with treasure? How are your habits? Here's a handy checklist.

Video #2 - Putting first things first. 10 minutes. 
Steven Covey shows us on how to create balance in a busy life. Spoiler Alert: It's all about making conscious choices. You are the author of your life - you write the story, so write a good one. 

Video #3 - Q2 Training. 21 minutes.
How to organize your time better so you can put first things first. Committing to this one practice will change your life, so just do it. As Covey says, "to know and not to do is not to know." 

Video #4 - Yellow Pen and Purple Book. 13 minutes.
Your mouth is a powerful instrument - you can speak life or you can speak death. What are you saying about yourself? Is it helping you or hurting you. Here's how to discipline your mouth to speak what God speaks. Two tools. You can buy the purple book here or post this little printable. 

Video #5 - Tasks. 14 Minutes. 
Anexplanation about your work for the rest of the week. The My Purpose Is... exercise, Love Dinner and writing a great bucket list. 

Video #6 - How to Host a Love Dinner 11 Minutes.
Our culture has forgotten how good it feels to gather around the dinner table with friends. We're bringing leisurely hospitality back. Love Dinner is a defense against loneliness and isolation and a great way to create community. Here's how to do it. 

Bonus Material - Morning Motivation 4 minutes.
Firegirls think and speak differently than everybody else. I am ___________. How do you complete that sentence? 


Here are a few of the industry standard tools for determining who you are and what you're good at.  Take your time, go through them and record what you find out in your sparkle notebook. 

Paid Strengths Finder Assessment.

Free Myers Briggs Assessment.

Free DiSC Assessment.

Free enneagram assessment.


  • One hour morning devotional time. (15 minute meditation. 45 minute time with God - praying, planning, studying, pink pen, talking your week over with Him).
  • Three thank you's. Gratitude Journal/Brag book. 
  • Sabbath rest.
  • Schedule a Love Dinner