The Plan for this week.

This is a 12-week program but Week Four really is the crux. 

You've taken a deep breath and laid out on paper some things you want to do with your life - 12MFP and bucket list. What usually happens when you start taking bold steps toward your dreams and visions? 


This whole week is about combatting it and walking forward in measured and habitual ways, regardless of who or what gets up in your face. 

Video #1 - Check in. 7 minutes.
How are your mornings looking? Your gratitude practice? Did you get your future pace to me?

Video #2 - The Esther Project. 17 minutes.
A story about facing your fear in order to advance the Kingdom of God. Your purpose will require you to do things you don't think you can do. Do them anyway.

Video #3 - The Moon and Stars Map. 10 minutes.
How do you take what you've dreamed up and written down on your 12MFP and start putting it into action. Meet the moon and stars map. Remember, if what you're writing down doesn't scare you - it's probably not big enough. DREAM BIG. 


Week Four - Fear Practice Printable pdf

Week Four - Get to know your gremlin pdf


Double down on your pink/pen yellow pen time. 

Make sure you're rocking at least 15 minutes of Headspace per day and 45 with God. More is even better!


  • Moon and Stars Exercise
  • Find and plan your Seva