Sponsor a missionary

Intermissionary Retreats are all about
rest, reflection & the love of god.


But sometimes the people who need it the most - those working in global healthcare and humanitarian crisis zones - can't afford a week-long break, even if they really need it. Most missionaries already operate on a tight budget, trying to make the most of every dime given by their supporters. 

We at Girl Catch Fire understand this, and as such, the Intermissionary Retreats we host for global servants are already heavily subsidized. Nonetheless, for some, they are still out of reach. So we started the Intermissionary Scholarship Fund, designed to connect hardworking missionaries, who are making huge sacrifices, with people like you who would like to surprise and bless them.

Just imagine:

Hello missionary friend, 
A generous donor has sponsored
a week-long retreat for you.
Pack your bags!

How excited would you be?

Yes! I want to help sponsor a global servant.

You can donate anonymously or we can connect you with the missionary you are helping. Once the pot grows large enough to cover a retreat space, Girl Catch Fire staff will gather and pray over to whom we should offer the space (or let's dream big - SPACES!) The recipient will still be responsible for their travel to the retreat location, but their food, housing, all the sessions and retreat materials will be covered.  

We see this as another way to create joy and connection between the various members of God's kingdom. If you would like to take part, we'd love to have you. Click the red box to donate. If you have any questions, email us.