We're so glad you're here. Today's the day you've drawn your line in the sand. You've decided to do the work it takes to get out of your rut and into your major life purpose. You've decided you want to live differently than everybody else. We applaud that and we want to get you started right. Here are a few things you will need to be successful with us over the next eight weeks.

  • Purchase a copy of Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and read it preferably before the course begins.
  • A subscription to the meditation app Headspace. You can get it free for quite a while by just downloading the app though. 
  • A simple spiral notebook (it helps if it has sparkles on it - or maybe that's just me) and some markers - particularly in the colors of pink and yellow.
  • A spiritual guidance system - I use the Bible, it's what I teach from. I suggest you use one too, but ultimately that choice is up to you. We will use it as a reliable true north all throughout the program - Use one that you can mark up. 

Watch this video that will explain how everything works for the next eight weeks. It was recorded live so you're going to hear us as we really are!