You were built for purpose, joy, & impact

You were built for purpose, joy, & impact

You were built for purpose, joy, & impact

Are you living it? Or have you been settling, safe inside your comfort zone?

Are you afraid to say out loud what you really want and then go for it? Maybe you don’t even know what it is.

That’s ok.

We know how to help you get clear so you can begin building a second half that feels purposeful and meaningful to you, and do it with people you love.

As a Professional Certified

Life & Performance Coach,

My job is to you figure out:

- What You want

- Why you want it

- What's in your way

- How to go get it

I know from experience you absolutely can create the life you want, but it takes discipline and support. Wouldn't it be great to have someone standing by who sees you, hears you, and helps you stay on track?

I’m Erin Kirk - Founder of Girl Catch Fire and I believe you were born for a purpose, and your joy is found in executing it. I am a trauma-informed, Professional Certified Life Coach (PCC) with 2,000+ coaching hours.

I founded Girl Catch Fire in 2017 and grew it into a six-figure coaching company, offering online and retreat-based life and performance coaching.

I’m also an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, a world traveler, and a new author working on my first book entitled Death to Sparkleprincess: A beginner’s guide to midlife, faith, and meaningful work.

Right now, my clients are quitting jobs, getting better ones, getting promoted, and moving across the country. They’re dropping anxiety meds, pain meds, baggage, and fear. They’re reconnecting with their communities in unexpected ways. They’re losing the anxiety and loneliness that comes with playing small and replacing it with service, community, and fun.

So how can you start building a happy second half?

What Our Clients Are Saying: