Life Purpose coaching

to help women

Know God,

Dream Big & Execute daily

As life purpose coaches, we believe you were created for a specific, divine reason. What is it? Are you doing it?

If not, don't feel badly. Your brain's job to keep you alive and safe. It is not there to help you embrace your big ambitions and execute them - particularly, if what you imagine has never been done before. 

If that means keeping you small with old fear stories, doubt, even outright lies - your brain will do it, and the world will line to help. 

Aren't you tired of that?

It's time to train your brain to do something - everything - differently. Ready to change how you think about God and your faith? Ready to identify your purpose and action it in inspired intelligent ways every day? 

Think of Girl Catch Fire as a project manager for your major life purpose.

Right now, our clients are losing the fear, anxiety and loneliness that comes with playing small. They're replacing all that with selfless service, community, impact, sparkle and fun - which is another way we describe JOY.

Do you want to climb out of your rut and into your major life purpose?

Let us show you how!